[kepler-dev] workflow organisation

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Tue Apr 6 12:12:07 PDT 2004

Hi all:

We just had a quick discussion on #Kepler IRC about the workflow
directory structure. 

Here is my current understanding -- others please chime in: 

1. Actor directory structure in the CVS repository
This is project oriented, e.g., 

2. The view in the Vergil panel is configurable. Each release can do
what they like. Specifically a project oriented view can be easily

3.  CVS directory for MOML (workflow) files:
These files should be annotated to indicate authorship (developers,
original authors etc) and their supporting projects/institutions.

It is not clear how to do that. It seems that a majority of Kepler
developers (at least on IRC) agree to a domain-specific orientation
(e.g., geo-, eco-, bio-,... etc)

Having a project oriented one is problematic since we already have
instances where workflows depend on actors developed under multiple
projects, or where the workflow itself is authored by members from
multiple projects.

Hence, my suggestion would be to either do a domain-oriented
organization for (3), or put everything in one flat directory. Again,
the workflow/MOML file needs an annotation anyways of two things:

(a) the authors of the workflow
(b) [optional for Kepler, but maybe mandatory for SPA] the project
dependence on subworkflows or actors contributed by others.

Does that make sense?


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