[eml-dev] quick question on adding citation information

Carl Boettiger cboettig at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 15:43:01 PST 2013

Sorry if this is a bit elementary.

Let's say I have an EML file describing data that is published as part of
the supplemental materials of a paper.  It seems reasonable to add a
citation to that paper in the metadata.  Is the best place for such a


preceded by a


explaining that the citation refers to the paper in which the data was
first published, etc?

In a related question, if the EML was documenting software instead, e.g.
eml/software, where would such a citation go?  I don't
as child of anything under `eml/software`.

Or am I missing the boat entirely here and the natural thing to do is have
a separate EML file, eml/citation, and somehow reference that file?  I
don't really understand the motivation for having an eml file that consists
only of eml/citation, but as I understand, eml/citation and eml/dataset etc
are exclusive, right?

Thanks for the help!

- Carl

Carl Boettiger
UC Santa Cruz
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