eml2tonbii conversion

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Oct 20 21:13:37 PDT 2004

Hi George,
    I know that you already got advice from several people, but here is 
another version.

    If all you want to do is transform from eml2 to nbii using the 
'eml2tonbii.xsl' stylesheet, one relatively easy command line program 
for doing so is included with the apache xalan package. See


If you have java installed you can download xalan-j, follow the 
classpath setup and then just use a command line like

|java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -IN foo.xml -XSL foo.xsl -OUT foo.out|

to transform the -IN eml file to an -OUT nbii file using the -XSL 
transform file.

The result is in an XML format. There is an nbii_text subdirectory that 
has an additional xslt transformation for converting to the nbii 
indented text format. This may not be too helpful if you are unfamiliar 
with java and commandline style programs. Incidently, I wrote the 
original XSLT file, although that was some time ago. If I can be of help 
with some details, feel free to ask.

Dan Higgins

George W Lienkaemper wrote:

>Hi All - I felt pretty good about working with Morpho after the workshop
>last month, but now I'm up against my basic ignorance as to how to work
>with the result of my data entry.  I'm hoping to make use of Morpho as the
>engine to archive our tabular data sets.  Ultimately, I'll need to have my
>metadata record in BDP format.  Matt steered me toward the eml2tonbii
>directory, but I'm afraid I'm in too deep.  How do I actually apply the
>.xsl file to an eml2 document?  Speaking of which, is the file I get when I
>do an export from Morpho and eml2 document?  Is that what I use in the
>conversion process?  Clearly I need some remedial work.  Thanks for any
>guidance you can provide.  geo
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