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There are two commercial products:
MapForce http://www.altova.com/products_mapforce.html
and Stylus Studio http://www.stylusstudio.com/xml_product_index.html
that make it easy to map one xml schema onto another.

I have used MapForce and have found it very easy to use. You can 
download a trial copy and use it for 30 days.  I have not tried 
StylusStudio but have heard good things about it.  You can also download 
a trial copy.

If the documents you are generating will be basically the same each 
time, then you should be able to create the basic script in MapForce 
with the trial version. The Mapforce (Altova developers of XMLSpy) 
people have a free command line tool that you can use once you have a 
script developed.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Matt Jones wrote:

> Hi George,
> Yeah, as I mentioned before, we haven't incorporated the script into 
> our tools yet, so it takes some background to run it.  You can apply 
> the XSLT by running it through an XSLT processor.  There are several 
> open source and commercial alternatives out there.  We tend to use 
> Apache Xalan (http://xml.apache.org) but it is definitely oriented 
> towards developers.  Some of the commercial tools might be easier, but 
> I have no  experience with them.  You can also use tools like "ant" 
> (http://ant.apache.org), which are slightly easier to configure to do 
> XSLT transformations, but is still a developers tool.  Ultimately, 
> what you do is basically to tell the XSLT processor which XML document 
> to process (the EML file) and which XSLT stylesheet to use 
> (eml2tonbii.xsl), and it produces the transformed output (a new NBII 
> BDP document).
> When you export a data set from morpho, the export directory contains 
> a subdirectory called "metadata" that contains the orginal EML version 
> of the metadata.  That is the file you want to transform.
> Hope this helps.
> Matt
> George W Lienkaemper wrote:
>> Hi All - I felt pretty good about working with Morpho after the workshop
>> last month, but now I'm up against my basic ignorance as to how to work
>> with the result of my data entry.  I'm hoping to make use of Morpho 
>> as the
>> engine to archive our tabular data sets.  Ultimately, I'll need to 
>> have my
>> metadata record in BDP format.  Matt steered me toward the eml2tonbii
>> directory, but I'm afraid I'm in too deep.  How do I actually apply the
>> .xsl file to an eml2 document?  Speaking of which, is the file I get 
>> when I
>> do an export from Morpho and eml2 document?  Is that what I use in the
>> conversion process?  Clearly I need some remedial work.  Thanks for any
>> guidance you can provide.  geo
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