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developer community and a user community within the broader SEEK community,
as well as the various workgroups.  What is the overarching issue:

-that "community" doesn't make sense as a general term? 
-or that some things listed under community (e.g., CVS) are really only
applicable to developers?

I would suggest leaving the word Community unless there is a strong
objection.  General terms always have some issues.  However, there are a
couple of alternatives we can consider:
-pull out developer stuff separately under a Developer's Corner link.  I
would suggest it come after the Community link.
-add Developer's Corner to Community then have links to CVS and other
developer specific items under Developer's Corner
-have a separate Developer's Corner, but also have a link to it from within
the Community page (which would maintain the all-encompassing nature of

Based on a very quick assessment and reading these few emails, I would be
inclined to go with the last alternative.

p.s. is IRC only used by the developers?

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Hi all

I really like the idea of a "developers corner" and would be willing to 
make the change if it works for everyone? 

Bertram Ludaescher wrote:

>>>>>> <>
>>>>>> Hi Steve:
>>>>>> I understand the difficulties in getting those right. BTW: I 
>>>>>> think the
>>>>>> SEEK web site is generally very well organized!
>>>>>> As for the Community item: people do NOT associate the "developers
>>>>>> stuff" with "Community".
>>>>>> I think we should have a "Developers Corner" or something like it 
>>>>>> that
>>>>>> points to IRC, CVS stuff..
>>>>>> So how about "Developers Corner" (or similar) and move some stuff 
>>>>>> from
>>>>>> Community there? When I hear Community I would think of "mailing
>>>>>> lists" and pointers to other (non-SEEK) groups of the same
>>>>>> (ecoinformatics) community or even related cyberinfrastructure
>>>>>> community (eg GEON)
>>>Regarding the meaning of "Community", 
>>>well looking to the Simpsons we learn from some TeleCom MegaCorp PR woman

>>>"Communications" + "Unity" = "Community"
>>>Mostly it just seemed like a better alternative to "Contributors" and not
>>>too long to fit in the Nav panel.  Nothing we came up with at the time
>>>sounded great.  Which is why the home page has stuff like this:
>>>To explain it and all the other sections a bit better with more than one
>visitors of a web site don't read instructions (*we* as SEEK might,
>but other visitors won't). We should try and choose names that have
>the intended associations right away..
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What would Brian Boitano do??

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