[seek-web] new SEEK web site

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Jun 25 16:25:27 PDT 2004

A quick followup.  This new site is a wiki.  It should make 
contributions much easier.  I'd like to phase out the SEEK wikis at 
Kansas and Napier so that we keep SEEK materials consolidated in one 
place.  Steve has already converted most (if not all) of the materials 
on http://seek.speciesanalyst.net to this new site, so lets try to not 
add anything new there.  The pages from the Kansas site can generally be 
found under the new site under 'Community', where each of the 
subprojects of SEEK has a working page for wiki stuff.  I htink we can 
consider those pages as an 'intranet'.

Steve will be sending out a detailed email with instructions soon.


Steve Tekell wrote:
> ok the web site is back up.
> http://seek.ecoinformatics.org/
> We just have some configuration issue or something that reveals it's
> problems when I make an update web app and requires help from Matt to
> restart.  Hopefully we can resolve those configuration issues to prevent
> that in the future.
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