[seek-web] web site progress

Samantha J Romanello sroman at lternet.edu
Fri Jun 11 14:19:23 PDT 2004

Hi Steve

I promised you a list of technical things (like forever ago ;-) ) that 
would be helpful from an EOT perspective so here it is:

(CAVEAT :-) :  As I am not an IT person I have probably phrased stuff 
incorrectly or asked for things that are either impossible...or already 
available under current functionality and I just have no clue ;-) .  
Either way, I guess I need to know)

1) capability to have online evaluations: I am currently using 
http://www.surveymonkey.com/ for this but would like to have the survey 
and the data on our own site. 
2) a content management system for online education/training modules 
which would include streaming video, real-time and delayed online 
communication, and maybe some other interactive tools that you could 
3) a way to set up a form or create some static format for some of these 
pages.  I guess I am thinking about the pages for trainings which 
ideally could all follow the same format.  I also think that if we want 
others to add information to the pages that formatting (making static) 
certain things may be good.
4) An easier way to attach icons, images, and documents that can be 
downloaded by workshop participants and other interested SEEKers.  I 
guess the idea here is that if we do want individuals to use some of the 
educational materials to teach ecoinformatics (train the trainer) or 
even when the SEEKers give presentations then we need to create a 
"corporate image" and downloadable  materials (PPTs, icons, images) that 
help to create a consistent message and image would be helpful. 

Well I think that is it for now.  But as I am currently working on copy 
and formatting for the educational section of the website I am sure I 
will have more "wish list" items. 

Have a great weekend

/ /

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