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Laura L. Downey ldowney at lternet.edu
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I'm designing the advanced search screen for kepler and one of the areas to
search is taxanomic information.  I've looked at several search interfaces
and of course taxon name is always there but sometimes rank is also
included.  In general what are the types of available "fields" you would
expect to see in a search on taxonomic information?  Right now I'm thinking
of including name and rank but wondered if people really use rank or if I'm
missing anything critical.


Users will have the choice of searching the metadata, the data, and or both
the metadata and data for taxonomic information.


FYI in EML the current metadata fields dealing with taxanomic information









However, there will be other kinds of metadata associated with date files
that will be available in Kepler, such as DIGIR records so I'm thinking that
I don't want to get too specific with fields because we can't guarantee that
every metadata structure we include will have the same fields etc.


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