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Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
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SEEK should just go ahead and try to collaborate with these folks.  I 
think they are addressing a similar need, if not the same one.  I think 
they sidestepped the concept-based taxonomy issue in their proposal -- 
it wasn't clear if they were going to address it or not.

I see five major efforts to make the various parts of a taxonomy name
exchange format and lookup service:

   1) SEEK
   2) FGDC BDWG Taxonomy and Nomenclature standard
   3) Octopus
   4) TDWG
   5) ITIS

Maybe there are more? Most are not particularly active, or in the 
formative stages.  I think we should try as hard as possible to build 
concensus around a single system.  This could take a long time, but is 
well worth the effort.

I can talk to Sandy Andelman about the CI software.  She has a lot of 
contacts there. I'll get back to you.


Beach, James H wrote:
> Matt -- 
> This might be if interest to you.  Please email me any reaction you might
> have.  Going into Sylvia's program Monday from ATCC. I will write a letter
> of collaboration to Lois today on behalf of the seek project.  She asked me
> for that.  No harm.
> Know about the CI software at all?


> Know any CI contacts for their software.
> All hell is breaking out here, gotta run, screaming.
> Jim
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> From: Blaine, Lois [mailto:LBLAINE at atcc.org] 
> Sent: 07 January, 2003 2:41 PM
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> Subject: Octopus proposal
>  <<Octopus2_summary.doc>> <<Octopus2_Project_Description_withGraphics2.doc>>
> Jim,
> Here's the current draft and summary.  Still tweaking some parts and there
> will be much supplementary material from non-U.S. collaborators but it's in
> pretty final form.
> Just a brief letter of support and opportunities for collaboration with SEEK
> project would be appreciated.   If you want to use letterhead can you scan
> it in?  Just a plain email under your name will be o.k.
> Thanks much,
> Lois

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