[SEEK-Taxon] FW: [PEET-L] New NSF deadline for Tree of Life: March 5, 2004

Beach, James H beach at ku.edu
Tue Dec 9 08:33:36 PST 2003

I wonder folks, if we could use some TOL money from NSF to bolster our
Taxon concept modeling and analysis efforts?  To perhaps make our work
include unnamed nodes with phylogenies?  Or something else?  I haven't
had time yet to think about it. They are handing out 13 Million dollars
or so, total.  March 5th deadline, 15 pages, piece of cake.

What do you think?

Nico, have any ideas how we could use another million or so, and another
3-4-5 programmers and postdocs?


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New NSF Deadline! - Assembling the Tree of Life - March 5, 2004 U.S.
National Science Foundation Funding Opportunity for ASSEMBLING THE TREE
OF LIFE (electronic solicitation NSF 04-526 for Fiscal Year 2004,
deadline: March 5, 2004) (
<http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2004/nsf04526/nsf04526.htm> ) A flood of new
information, from whole-genome sequences to detailed structural
information to inventories of earth's biota, is transforming 21st
century biology. Along with comparative data on morphology, fossils,
development, behavior, and interactions of all forms of life on earth,
these new data streams make even more critical the need for an
organizing framework for information retrieval, analysis, and
prediction. Phylogeny, the genealogical map for all lineages of life on
earth, provides an overall framework to facilitate information retrieval
and biological prediction.  Currently, single investigators or small
teams of researchers are studying the evolutionary pathways of heredity
usually concentrating on phylogenetic groups of modest size. Assembly of
a framework phylogeny, or Tree of Life, for all 1.7 million described
species requires a greatly magnified effort by large teams working
across institutions and disciplines. This is the overall goal of the
Assembling the Tree of Life activity. The U.S. National Science
Foundation invites research proposals from multidisciplinary teams to
conduct creative and innovative research that will resolve phylogenetic
relationships for large groups of organisms on the Tree of Life. Teams
of investigators also will be supported for projects in data
acquisition, analysis, algorithm development and dissemination in
computational phylogenetics and phyloinformatics. Please see the Program
Solicitation (NSF 04-526) posted on the NSF website (www.nsf.gov
<http://www.nsf.gov> in the Documents Online section) for description of
the activity and guidance on proposal preparation; note the deadline of
March 5, 2004. A list of projects funded from the first two (2002 and
2003) rounds of AToL competition is posted on the NSF website, with
links to the public abstract of the award, at
<http://www.nsf.gov/bio/progdes/bioatol.htm> ).

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