[seek-logistics] CFP: Intl. Workshop on Data Integration in the Life Sciences, San Diego

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Fri Jan 7 08:10:41 PST 2005

Dear all:

A printable PDF version of this CFP is attached -- please consider
posting it at your institution!!

HTML version at: http://www.syncenter.org/dils2005/Call_for_Papers.html


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			 C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

			 2nd International Workshop on
	       Data Integration for the Life Sciences (DILS 2005)


			 San Diego Supercomputer Center
		      University of California, San Diego
				July 20-22, 2005

Abstract Submission:    February 21, 2005
Paper Submission:       February 28, 2005
Author Notification:    April 25, 2005
Camera-Ready Version:   May 16, 2005
DILS 2005:              July 20-22, 2005


State of the art applications in the life sciences, e.g., molecular
biology, biodiversity, drug discovery and personalized medical
research, increasingly depend on bioinformatics methods to manage and
analyze vast amounts of highly diverse and complex data. There has
been an unprecedented explosion in the number and size of public data
resources, and a rapid growth in the variety and volume of laboratory
data, from microarrays measuring gene transcription levels and genome
sequence variations to protein interaction screens measuring
components of protein complexes, etc.  This has been fueled by both
world-wide research activity and the emergence of new technologies,
e.g. high-throughput methods such as mass spectrometry for protein
identification.  The modeling, management and analysis of this data
often requires a comprehensive integration of heterogeneous and
typically semi-structured data, distributed across many possibly data
sources. Recent interoperability standards such as XML and WSDL solve
some (easy) problems, but data and process integration remain a
time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks.  The difficulty of these
tasks is compounded by the high degree of semantic heterogeneity
across data sources, varying data quality, as well as domain specific
application requirements.

DILS 2005 provides a forum for presenting new challenges and research
results in data integration for life sciences. Its predecessor was
held in Leipzig, Germany (see http://sun1.izbi.uni-leipzig.de/dils04).
We invite researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners to
participate and share their knowledge in this forum.  We solicit the
following types of papers:

 *  Research papers (up to 15 pages)
 *  Application/experience papers (up to 15 pages)
 *  Short papers describing systems or prototypes (up to 5 pages)

Accepted papers will be published by Springer in the LNCS/LNBI
(Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics): http://www.springeronline.com/lncs

Papers should address challenges for data integration and data
management in life sciences, and propose or evaluate methods,
architectures and techniques to overcome these challenges. Topics of
interest include, but are not limited to the following:

- Complex biological data types and data modeling of life science data
- Knowledge representation and reasoning (e.g. with biological pathway data)
- Data integration solutions and performance metrics
- Biological query processing and analysis challenges
- Ontology-based data integration and analysis
- Metadata and annotation management
- Scientific workflows, data analysis pipelines, and tool integration
- Biological data quality and data cleaning
- Domain and application specific data integration
- System prototypes and commercial solutions

Authors are invited to submit original, previously unpublished papers.
Submissions should be formatted according to the LNCS guidelines

All submissions will be handled electronically. Detailed instructions
will be available by February 1 2005 at http://www.sdsc.edu/dils05/

PC Co-Chairs:
 Bertram Ludaescher     UC Davis and SDSC 
 Louiqa Raschid         University of Maryland

General Chair:
 Amarnath Gupta         SDSC, UC San Diego

Corporate Sponsors:
 Linda Ferri            SDSC, UC San Diego

Vineet Bafna,  University of California, San Diego, USA
Chitta Baral, Arizona State University, USA
Judith Blake, Jackson Laboratory, USA
Shawn Bowers, UC Davis, USA
Terence Critchlow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
Alin Deutsch, University of California, San Diego, USA
Barbara Eckman, IBM Life Sciences, USA
Christoph Freytag, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Floris Geerts, University of Edinburgh, UK
Carole Goble, University of Manchester, UK 
Michael Gribskov, Purdue University, USA 
Amarnath Gupta, San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA 
Ralf Hofestaedt, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Hasan Jamil, Wayne State University, USA
Matthew Jones, UC Santa Barbara, USA
Jessie Kennedy, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK
Zoe Lacroix, Arizona State University, USA
Ulf Leser, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany  
Victor Markowitz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Felix Naumann, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
Frank Olken, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Jignesh Patel, University of Michigan, USA
Erhard Rahm, University of Leipzig, Germany
Julia Rice, IBM Life Sciences, USA
Peter Tarczy-Hornoch, University of Washington, USA
Limsoon Wong, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
Aidong Zhang, University at Buffalo, USA

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