[seek-logistics] SEEK reimbursement through UNM

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue May 18 14:08:24 PDT 2004

For those of you who are being reimbursed for SEEK travel through New 
Mexico, I wanted to point out that the per diem rate varies depending on 
the city that a meeting is held in.  The UNM reimbusement policies 
follow the federal rates for cities.

The UNM rules for reimbursement are here:

These rules say you can use the governments M&IE rates for various
cities.  Amounts for various cities can be obtained here for 2004:

For your convenience, I've looked up a few of the amounts for 2004 for a 
few common cities that we travel to:

Santa Barbara, CA: $43.00
     San Diego, CA: $51.00
       Seattle, WA: $51.00
      Lawrence, KS: $31.00 (base rate)
     Edinburgh, UK: $131.00 (USD)

Other foreign rates can be found here:

Here is a link to the reimbursement form that you should fill out for
the meetings:

UNM has the ultimate decision on these rates and reimbursement policies 
-- I am just providing this information for your assistance.  Also, the 
SEEK travel budget is quite limited, so please be sure that you request 
only your actual expenses (excluding alcohol). If you need further 
information, contact Pam Griego (pgriego at lternet.edu).


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