[seek-kr-sms] FW: FYI: software for bayesian networks

Sergey Krivov Serguei.Krivov at uvm.edu
Fri Apr 6 11:55:08 PDT 2007



I have made a quick research of available tools for Bayesian network
analysis. There are hell a lot of them ready to be used as libraries or
stand alone tools. Here is a short summary , just FYI


Leading Open Source (Java):

BNJ, Univ of Kansas: http://bnj.sourceforge.net/ developer docs

UNBBayes: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unbbayes Not much docs


Leading free: 

Samiam http://reasoning.cs.ucla.edu/samiam/ reach functionality, good gui,
video tutorials (no open source, but may be Java source available?)

MSBNx http://research.microsoft.com/adapt/MSBNx/  slightly old  but good,
from Microsoft. Allows developer to create their own Add-ins (plugins)


Leading Commercial:


BayesiaLab: http://www.bayesia.com/  Tool/ Java API for embedded

 a lot of applications from various industries



http://www.norsys.com/netica-j.html java API for Neica


free version available for limited size networks




Sergey Krivov, Research Assistant Professor, 

Computer Science Department,

Fellow of Gund Institute for Ecological Economics,

University of Vermont,

617 Main St. Burlington VT,




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