[seek-kr-sms] [Fwd: Re: [Tdwg-guid] Which TCS/RDF?]

Kennedy, Jessie J.Kennedy at napier.ac.uk
Tue Sep 26 10:58:56 PDT 2006

Hi Matt

Yes I am following the emails but am completely swamped with stuff here
including trying tot get the ontology project we've been working on for
TDWG finished and out of the way - which is taking much longer than I

If you want a look at the ontology we developed for the project you can
find it at:

This comes from work on the TDWG ontology group meeting earlier in the
year and then revised by Rob and I (Rob did all the OWL coding of
course) and extended to deal with the Hexacorallia data we were working
with. I'll point you at the RDF data and services etc. when they are
available in an easily accessible manner if you're interested.

I have to present the ontology and the project we worked on at TDWG -
which is getting a bit close for comfort... 

So TCS has been re-factored into OWL by people working on SEEK.

Josh knows a bit about this as I reported it at a meeting at NESCent end
of August but not in great detail. But it's very difficult to stay on
top of what everyone else is doing and contribute to them all....

I wanted to talk about all of this and how we can work it into SEEK over
the remaining year - at the fall meeting at TDWG but I'm not sure how
much real time we'll have there. Also I'm not sure how to continue this
work unless Steve does it as Rob's no longer with us and I personally
can't do the leg work although have views on the general approach etc
and the issues we need to address from having done our mini-project. 

So really disappointed you won't be at TDWG now.....


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> Hi Jessie,
> I don't know if you've been following the conversation regarding the
> representation of TCS in OWL that has been happening on the TDWG-GUID
> mailing list, but I think we need to get ahold of this one and suggest
> an approach.  The people in SEEK who created TCS are probably among
> best to refactor it into OWL, especially with our knowledge of how
> is structured as well.  Given that there are several competing
> of TCS in OWL floating around (one created by Dave Thau I believe), we
> should be prepared at TDWG in a couple of weeks to help resolve the
> issue.  Based on the mood at GBIF, it seems that everyone will skip
> using the XML representation of TCS altogether and start with an
> version -- if this is the case, we should be sure we are happy with
> Thoughts?  I think SEEK-Taxon should discuss this before TDWG?  Are
> there conference call plans in the near future?
> Matt
> PS I have changed my plans and am no longer attending TDWG.  Instead,
> think Josh Madin, the principal architect of OBOE, will be attending,
> he'll be able to help with the OWL/OBOE linkages.

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