[seek-dev] Kepler Sensor Platform and Sensor View 0.9 Add-on Suite for Kepler 2.3 Released

Derik Barseghian barseghian at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Aug 30 21:26:46 PDT 2012

The REAP and Kepler Projects are pleased to announce the beta release of the open source Kepler Sensor Platform.

The Kepler Sensor Platform enables:
  * monitoring and visualizing field-deployed sensor sites and data streams
  * controlling sensor sites manually or automatically (e.g. for event response)
  * sensor data analysis, modeling, archival, and archive retrieval
  * scheduling repeated jobs (e.g. sensor data archival, site status reports, QA/QC) for periodic, remote execution
  * simulating sensor sites

The Kepler Sensor Platform consists of a flexible set of components that may be partially or entirely adopted to help you manage sensor site deployments. A typical scenario has components installed in three areas:
1) Field Components:  A low-power PC running the Sensor Processing and Acquisition Network (SPAN) for datalogger or sensor communication, and a DataTurbine as on-site ring buffer.
2) Server Components: A server running a DataTurbine as buffer and data provider, Scheduler and Kepler Run Engine web services for periodic, remote workflow executions, and a Metacat repository for archiving sensor data and workflow run results.
3) Desktop Components: Desktop computers interacting with the Kepler Sensor Platform through the Sensor View 0.9 add-on suite for Kepler 2.3.

This beta release of the Kepler Sensor platform represents a technology preview that illustrates new functionality for sensor data management within Kepler.  We encourage others to contribute further to its development and testing so that it might become a fully supported release within Kepler.  Please contact Derik Barseghian and/or Matt Jones for details on how to contribute or on future plans for the Kepler Sensor Platform.

The Kepler Sensor Platform was developed under a grant from the National Science Foundation (CEO-P #0619060) to the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at UC Santa Barbara, with collaborating partners at UC San Diego, UC Davis, OPeNDAP Inc., and University of Minnesota.

To download and install Sensor View 0.9, first download and install Kepler 2.3 using its installer.

Then open the Module Manager from the Tools menu, change to the Available Suites and Modules tab, select and move the sensor-view-0.9 suite to the Selected Modules area, and click Apply and Restart.

Installation instructions for Field and Server components may be found in the documentation below.

Further Reading
Detailed documentation for the Kepler Sensor Platform is available online, and from within Kepler from the Help => Modules Documentation menu.

Known Issues
Help improve this software by contributing to our list of bug reports and enhancement requests.
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