[seek-dev] What to do with Seek provider exceptions?

Samantha Romanello sroman at LTERnet.edu
Fri Sep 30 12:36:39 PDT 2005

I concur with Matt and add a gentle reminder that the error message 
itself should be in language that the user understands (i.e., no cryptic 
computer speak). :)

Matt Jones wrote:

>Probably the only messages the user should see are 1) things they can do 
>something about, and 2) things that might affect the quality of their 
>search.  If they think the searched a data source but an error prevented 
>that from happening, they should be notified.  The number of potential 
>system errors is probably much greater than the number of appropriate 
>user messages.
>Kevin Ruland wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>This question has probably been rehashed a number of times but I don't
>>really know where to look for the answer.  I
>>Is there any well defined category of exceptions which are to be
>>returned by the query service?  It seems right now, that almost every
>>problem in the digir server will end up returning a simple empty result
>>set.  This in most circumstances will not properly indicate a problem to
>>the user.
>>What problems should come back as faults and which ones should be hidden?
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