[seek-dev] Proposal to repackage the stubs.

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Sep 15 10:42:26 PDT 2005

Sounds like most people can do it on Tuesday, so I will propose the 
following time:

                   Time: Tuesday, Sept 20 9am Pacific time
                   Call#: 1-888-346-3950
Participant Code: 39501
You'll hear muzak until I join with the host code, so just be patient if 
you're on hold at first.

Let me know if that does NOT work for you.

Tenative agenda:
1) EcoGrid XSD changes + associated code refactoring
2) Changes to require use of LSIDs
3) Migration to GT4 or plain web services
4) Agenda planning for October meeting

Please suggest additional or revised agenda items.  Thanks.


Peter McCartney wrote:

>HI raja. any of those days are fine for me. We can also try doing it on IRC - 
>we just have to do some cumbersome tunneling to get through from asu.
>On Wednesday 14 September 2005 08:57 am, Arcot Rajasekar wrote:
>>Hi Peter
>>	When do you want to do this? Next week tue/wed/thu looks fine for
>>	raja

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