[seek-dev] setting schema location port number.

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Thu Sep 1 11:24:02 PDT 2005


That could be true, but in this case it is not.  The remote Digir sites
are sometimes on port 80 and sometimes not.  But this is internal to the
Grid Service startup code.  When the grid service starts up ie gets
activated, it pulls it's wsdl and dynamically configures itself (this is
my understanding anyway).  When it tries to pull the service it's
looking at port 80 on my test box. It's really wierd because the
kuecogrid box pulled it from port 8080.  I had to insert the following
into my test server's server-config.wsdd to make it work:

<parameter name="port" value="8080"/>

It's a mystery to me.

The good news is, with some hand finaggling of the server-config.wsdd, I
now have the test server deployed and functioning.  I'm going to diff my
manual changes with the generated server-config.wsdd to try to figure
out what's going on with the build.


Bing Zhu wrote:

>This is my guess.
>Digir has many other apps running with port 80. And DiGIR query
>service calls those apps to get data, combine them and send
>results back to ecogrid query client.
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>On to the last problem, I hope.
>The latest problem is when the service is activated, it tries to load
>the WSDL.  It does this by envoking the WSDLGenerator.getServiceWSDL()
>method.  For some unknown reason, it's trying to pull it from:
>The key here is it's looking for port 80 which I don't have running.  On
>kuecogrid, it loads it from:
>I've inserted some additional debugging messages in the WSDLGenerator
>code and it appears that the port number is somehow set correctly in the
>kuecogrid deployment (as opposed to not being set and defaulted to 8080).
>It doesn't appear to be related to the publishHostName=true parameter.
>I turned that on in my test deployment and the url becomes:
>I can manually set the port number by using <parameter name="port"
>value="8080"/> in the <service> block for
>EcoGridQueryInterfaceLevelOne.  Alternatively I can use a System
>property named "org.globus.ogsa.schema.root", or a Container Config
>property named "schemaRoot".
>The really puzzling thing is I don't see either of these being set on
>Any ideas?
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