[seek-dev] Kepler download for January Training

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 28 12:38:03 PST 2005

Hi Sam,

December 12th for the next Kepler alpha release is extremely unlikely 
even under the best scenarios.  Our original freeze date for the release 
was Dec 9th, and it looks like we won't make that.  Count on at least 2 
days for Dan to package the release once it is frozen.  At this point I 
am hoping we can get an alpha out before the holidays in December.  I am 
assuming Dan could walk them through a download (or install ahead of 
time himself) as long as the users have installation rights on the 
machines.  This of course cuts down on the time they have for the 
exercise, so pre-installation woud be better but is not absolutely required.


Samantha Romanello wrote:
> Hey Matt
> Logistical question for the January SEEK Training.  Greg is requesting 
> the software by December 12th.  Will there be a version of Kepler ready 
> for the training by then?  If not, can Dan Higgins walk them through a 
> download?  or is there another alternative.
> best
> samantha

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