[seek-dev] axis based ecogrid query services.

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Wed Nov 16 08:21:14 PST 2005

Hi all,

I have commited changes on the branch axis-only-branch which uses axis
1.3.  The ecogrid service is now a simple web service which deploys
nicely under tomcat using only axis and no globus.

I urge you all to cvs co -t axis-only-branch and attempt to build your
service using ant -f build_new.xml war.  It will require some tweaking
of the base service and you will have to create some files in
conf/<ServiceName>/ to assist in deployment.  You can probably copy the
files from conf/DigirImpl to get started.

There is a query client which you can execute using the ant target
'test'.  it takes two parameters <service url> and <document file>  Run
it like this:

ant -f build_new.xml -Dargs='<service url> <document file>' test

I have not tried to integrate the client stubs into kepler yet.  I am
very reticent to do this since there is currently quite a bit of
confusion over there about what libraries to use.


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