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Deana Pennington dpennington at lternet.edu
Tue Nov 8 14:31:23 PST 2005

I confess to being baffled (not a confession I like to make :-)

I have a file on the SRB with an associated EML file in metacat.  The 
original eml had an error in the distribution url.  I edited the url and 
nothing else.  The new eml file shows up on the knb website search.  
Kepler, however, keeps retrieving the old eml file.  I have the exact 
same issue with other files as well.  The known problem files are all 
IPCC climate change data:

dpennington.34.7 (kepler retrieves 34.6)
      70.5 (70.4)
      88.2 (88.1)
     124.2 (124.1)
and others

If you search on "ipcc" in Kepler, the first return is 70.4.  If you 
search for dpennington.34.7, you get no return. 

In all of the above cases, the original url had an extra period in the 
filename which I replaced with an underscore...no other changes made.  I 
validated the new file with the knb tool...no problems found.  Compared 
the new file in knb with the old file in kepler..see no differences 
other than the underscore.

Ideas or suggestions?



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