[seek-dev] kepler bug and task organization for alpha8

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Nov 3 16:56:05 PST 2005

NOTE: I make some requests of kepler developers below -- please read 

I've been working on the reclassification and organization of our tasks 
for the alpha8 Kepler release.  I also entered new bugs from my notes 
that came up in the meeting for Kepler (I haven't entered EcoGrid bugs 
yet).  I am partially done, but need input from Kepler contributors.  I 
have organized the bugs into 11 component categories (data access, 
documentation, interface, core, actors, director, installer, pipelines, 
build system, general, semantics) -- see below for a fuller explanation 
of each component category.  I also assigned each bug to a developer, 
and categorized its severity.  Bugs that MUST be fixed by alpha8 were 
marked with a critical or blocker severity and will show up in red in 

Its interesting to view the bugs and sort by component and then target 
milestone, or by severity and then target milestone (you need to 'Change 
Columns' to see the Target Milestone field).  The bug list is here:


And of course you can query for the bugs that are assigned to you.

What I need you each to do is to review your current areas of work and 
your task lists and make sure that every item on your lists regarding 
Kepler is in the Bugzilla DB.  If not, please enter a new bug and 
correctly classify it, and then set its targte milestone properly.

Once this is done, I will then be able to go through with each of you 
and see how to prioritize tasks for each person in SEEK to realistically 
get to our desired alpha8 release in December.  This may involve 
demoting some features to a later target milestone, but I won't know 
until we have the full list.

Also, from this point forward I ask that we use bugzilla more 
consistently.  If you are making changes to the code, you should already 
have a bug or feature description that you are working towards.  New 
bugs you enter should be properly classified in terms of severity and 
component and target milestone.  When you make major progress on a 
feature, please update the bug, and when you finish work on a bug, 
please close it.

I'll continue this prioritization exercise Monday.  Please update your 
bug lists by then if at all possible.


Descriptions of the 11 Kepler component areas
data access:	The subsytem within Kepler for accessing and retrieving
                 external data, including from systems like EcoGrid,
                 Metacat, and the SRB. This includes data and metadata
                 handling actors and data source actors.
                 tao and ruland

documentation:	The Kepler documentation subsystem, including actor
                 metadata approaches and the actual docuemntation needed
                 by users and developers.
                 altintas and romanello

interface:	user interface bugs and improvements
                 brooke and downey

core:	        kepler core bugs and improvements, inlcuding basic
                 framework and infrastructure for managing workflows
                 berkley and ruland

actors:	        actor bugs and additions

director:	director bugs and additions

installer:	a user friendly installer for kepler

pipelines:	this component has to do with entire pipelines instead
                 of just an actor or director

build system:	the build system for kepler

general:	general kepler bugs not associated with another

semantics:	Tools and features related to semantic handling within
                 workflows, including semantic data and actor discovery,
                 workflow validation, semantic workflow composition, and
                 data and actor integration.

Matt Jones
jones at nceas.ucsb.edu                         Ph: 907-789-0496
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
UC Santa Barbara     http://www.nceas.ucsb.edu/ecoinformatics

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