[seek-dev] RE: Darwin Core Ecogrid Server

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Fri Feb 25 11:32:54 PST 2005


Where is the code for Darwin Core service?

Next week I will work between SRB service and the Darwin Core service since
I need also update SRB services with factory approach.


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Thanks, Rod.

I think it would be best to follow up on Rods option # 1, and if that
doesn't work out then fall back to his option # 2.  Bing, would you be
willing to take that on as a short-term task?  We really need this to be
running for the SEEK ENM workflow to function.  Thanks,


Rod Spears wrote:
> Currently, the "factory" version of the Digir Ecogrid node (Darwin Core)
> is running on my dev machine because I couldn't get the factory working
> on the KU production machine. The production machine has the single
> persistent version running. I spent nearly two weeks wrestling with the
> prod machine to try to get the factory to work and had no luck (which is
> why it is running on my dev machine)
> I will soon be changing the source to point to the production machine
> (the single instance), because I will be booting my dev machine into
> Windows (most of the time) and it will not be able as a server.
> Your options are as follows:
> 1) Get a login to the KU prod machine and get the factory version working.
> 2) Get the Darwin Core service running as a factory on a machine you
> already have other services running as a factory.
> 3) Leave it running as a single persistent instance on the KU prod
> Let me know what you  want to do, I can provide you with logins for the
> KU prod machine if you wish to go that route.
> Thanks,
> Rod

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