[seek-dev] ecogrid registry code for Kepler app

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Thu Oct 14 16:43:24 PDT 2004

Jing and Rod,

Attached is a stub jar file of ecogrid registry service. While I am
implementing the
service, these stubs should not be changed unless we need to modify the

So you can use this jar to use the 'getAllServices()' operation in your
Kepler application.
In using this, you can refer the registry client code,
EcogridRegistryClient.java, in the
'ecogrid/src/org/ecoinformatics/ecogrid/client' directory, as an example of
the registry service for this operation.

The operation returns an object of class
The '_EcogridGetAllRegServicesResponseElement.java' can be found in
ecogrid/src/org/ecoinformatics/ecogrid/registry/stub. This class has a
method called
getGetAllServicesReturn() which returns EcogridRegEntryArrayType, which has
a method
called getRegEntry() retuning an array of EcogridRegEntryType.
(This is really clumsy. Unfortunately these are generated by Globus and
Apache tools.)
I just checked in the 'EcogridRegistryClient.java' which has sample code for
getAllServices() operation.

All the stub class can be found in

I am still working on the delete, query, (update will the last). And Rod is
helping me to implement the getAllServices(), which should not affect you to
put the getAllServices()
call into your Kepler app.


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