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Mark Servilla servilla at lternet.edu
Fri Oct 8 08:22:23 PDT 2004

Deana et al,

***Note that Deana is using Morpho 1.5.1 to create the instance document.

It appears that nothing is wrong with the URI string (as far as XML 
goes), but rather the document is not valid against the EML schema.  The 
section of the schema where the document is failing is within the 
"distribution" element (see attached distribution.png).  Apparently, 
when Morpho instantiates it sets all the choices within the distribution 
element (see below).  So, when you saved the document, all of the 
choices within the distribution element are saved - not just the one 
selected.  I have seen this behavior in Morpho when dealing with the 
Tree Editor, but did not realize the resulting problem.  Testing with 
another document, Morpho saved it correctly after toggling the radio 
buttons in the Tree Editor.

<distribution scope="document">
    <url function="download">
    <connection scope="document">
    <connectionDefinition> </connectionDefinition>
    <references> </references>
    <connectionDefinition scope="document">
     <schemeName> </schemeName>
     <description> </description>
     <parameterDefinition> </parameterDefinition>
     <references> </references>
   <offline> </offline>
   <inline> </inline>
   <references> </references>


Deana Pennington wrote:

> Does anyone know the correct syntax for pointing an eml file in metacat 
> to data in the srb?  Raja suggested:
> srb://seek:/home/beam.seek/IPCC_climate/Present/ccld6190.dat
> but i get an eml error message.
> Deana

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