[seek-dev] FW: pgmcut as proxy operation in SRB serverfor SEEK and LTER

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Mon Nov 22 11:22:07 PST 2004

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From: Bing Zhu [mailto:bzhu at sdsc.edu]
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To: davids at sdsc.edu; Efrat Frank [efrat at sdsc.edu]
Cc: Michael Wan; Arcot Rajasekar
Subject: pgmcut as proxy operation in SRB serverfor SEEK and LTER

David and Efrat,

Mike and I just put the 'pgm cut' as a proxy operation in SRB server side
in the machine srb.sdsc.edu.

The SRB version is 2.1.2 and port number is 6613.

In the machine 'landscape.sdsc.edu', we can use the SRB's proxy command for
pgmcutting as of following.

  $ Sinit
  $ Spcommad "Spgmcut 0 0 20 20
/home/whywhere.seek/ei/Data/Terrestrial/a00sd1.9.pgm" > sub_a00sd1.9.pgm

The above Spcommand sends the only command line argument to SRB server. The
command line
argument has the proxy program name, parameters for pgmcutting and SRB pgm
file name.
The Spcommands gets the result back and outputs it into 'stdout' which, in
above example,
is directed to a local file, sub_a00sd1.9.pgm.

The SRB S-commands in 'landscape.sdsc.edu' can be found in the following

Efrat: In this approach, you just need to utilize the SRB proxy actor
instead of the
       two steps as we discussed in our last meeting.


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