[seek-dev] Transfer big dataset through stream

Jing Tao tao at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 8 14:28:22 PST 2004

Hi, Randy and Von:

It was very nice to talk with you in the seek meeting.

In that the afternoon, we discussed about to transfer a big dataset 
by stream rather than a byte array. But I still have issues about this. 
Would you mind helping us to figure it out?

I think we have two options to achive this. But we are not sure if globus 
4 will support those options. 

Option 1. Using http binding rather than soap binding in gwsdl. Our 
question is if globus 4 support http binding?

Option 2. Using gridftp for transfering file from server to client. 
If we want to transfer file from server to client by gridftp through Java, 
We need to install gridftp server in both server side and client side. 
This make some difficuties to distribute client. So I am wondering if globus(or some 
another place) has a gridftp java library in jar and client can call the 
jar lib directly to transfer files(no gridftp server in client at all). 

Thanks in advance for the help!


Jing Tao
National Center for Ecological
Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
735 State St. Suite 204
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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