[seek-dev] Re: Security Issues

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Jun 25 18:40:51 PDT 2004

Hi Dave,

The new web site has been in prototype for a while.  Steve Tekell and I 
just replaced the SEEK site an hour or two ago with the new wiki-based 
site.  We were going to let it run over the weekend, then Steve was 
going to send an email on Monday to everyone in SEEK explaining the new 
site and how to login and edit things.  So its hot off the press.  But 
feel free to give it a try.  Editing is pretty simple, although the 
syntax is slightly different than the site you put up earlier.  Logging 
in is controlled through our LDAP system, so the same user accounts that 
will eventually be used in the EcoGrid will be used here to log in to 
the site.  See this page for more information:



Dave Vieglais wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> the document looks good, but what surprised me the most was the 
> availability of the wiki pages.  I guess I must have missed something 
> about them being available- can we start using this site for 
> documentation now rather than the temporary wiki that I setup a while back?
> thanks,
>   Dave V.
> Matt Jones wrote:
>> Rod,
>> After talking with you this afternoon, I though more about the 
>> security stuff, and remembered that I wrote a document on this about 6 
>> months ago.  You might find it useful.  Here it is:
>> http://seek.ecoinformatics.org/Wiki.jsp?page=CertificateAuthorityDesign
>> We should flesh out this document more fully before you go -- 
>> hopefully getting input from the rest of the EcoGrid crowd.
>> Matt
>> Rod Spears wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I spoke briefly with John McGee and he thought it would be very 
>>> helpful if I could bring a list (to Madison next week) of 2 to 3 
>>> items that were the top security concerns for the SEEK project.
>>> This would be a nice opportunity to directly communicate to the 
>>> Globus developers what we need (or are concerned about).
>>> Any ideas what we want to tell them?
>>> Rod

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