[seek-dev] SQL db candidates for data query

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Jun 22 15:38:40 PDT 2004

Hi Jing,

Also, you might consider this Java version of Berkeley DB from Sleepycat.


I'm not sure about its features, particularly sql support, but it seems 
like a good potential system given the excellence of the underlying 
berkeley db product.


Jing Tao wrote:
> Hi, Serguei:
> Actually the query is base on sql. Now we are thinking about the issue 
> that user don't want a entire data object(i.e. data tables or text files) 
> but part of this data object which match a sql query.
> One approach to achieve this purpose is to load text files into a 
> relational db and it is easy to run a sql query against the db. We are 
> think this approach can be done in both ecogrid server side and kepler 
> client side.
> Of course, postsql, oracle and other one are good candidates as a sql 
> engine. But they are too huge to redistribution with kepler. So we are looking for a light 
> weight java relational db.
> Thanks.
> Jing
> On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Serguei Krivov wrote:
>>Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 22:10:39 -0400
>>From: Serguei Krivov <Serguei.Krivov at uvm.edu>
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>>Subject: RE: [seek-dev] SQL db candidates for data query
>>Hi All,
>>I did not attend the last meeting and I do not know much about the
>>requirements for ql. Yet , before opting for sql db it is good to know
>>if sql support (not XQuery and friends) is really the main  requirement.
>>In fact, should we abandon the world of well established sql rdbms (e.g
>>postgresql, oracle) and switch to new java  databases, then we shall
>>have a wide vistas of options that include native xml databases and a
>>lot of other things. Ferdinando has  installed one here at
>>There are a lot of others as well, see:
>>In fact I wonder if there is a DB specifically designed for DL( or may
>>be we can write one ;-)  ) But surely, if the target  query language is
>>not  sql, then why do not to consider non sql dbs?
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>>Subject: [seek-dev] SQL db candidates for data query
>>Hi, everyone:
>>I am eveluating the sql db candidates for data query. It turns out that 
>>the following ones are pretty good: hsqldb and Mckoi.
>>Here is the features both of them share:
>>1)Open source
>>2)Write in pure java and everything is in jar files.
>>3)Have server/client and stand-alone mode.
>>4)Have JDBC implementation.
>>5)Support Linux, Windows.
>>Moreover, hsqldb has a good feature that support CSV (Comma Separated 
>>Value) or other delimited text file as the source of their data. So user
>>don't need use sql command to insert data into db and only tell the text
>>file location and the sperator. It even can ommit the first line when it
>>is a column name. It pretty matches eml semantic.
>>Except pipe(|), comma(,) and period(.), HSQLDB also recognises the 
>>following special indicators for separators:
>>\semi - semicolon
>>\quote - quote
>>\space - space character
>>\apos - apostrophe
>>\n - newline - Used as an end anchor (like $ in regular expressions)
>>\r - carriage return
>>\t - tab
>>\\ - backslash
>>\u#### - a Unicode character specified in hexadecimal
>>This feature is every good for us to load data into db. So I prefer to 
>>use hsqldb. 
>>Any comments, suggestions are apprecaited.

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