[seek-dev] SQL db candidates for data query

Jing Tao tao at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Jun 16 15:45:56 PDT 2004

Hi, everyone:

I am eveluating the sql db candidates for data query. It turns out that 
the following ones are pretty good: hsqldb and Mckoi.

Here is the features both of them share:
1)Open source
2)Write in pure java and everything is in jar files.
3)Have server/client and stand-alone mode.
4)Have JDBC implementation.
5)Support Linux, Windows.

Moreover, hsqldb has a good feature that support CSV (Comma Separated 
Value) or other delimited text file as the source of their data. So user 
don't need use sql command to insert data into db and only tell the text 
file location and the sperator. It even can ommit the first line when it 
is a column name. It pretty matches eml semantic.
Except pipe(|), comma(,) and period(.), HSQLDB also recognises the 
following special indicators for separators:
\semi - semicolon
\quote - quote
\space - space character
\apos - apostrophe
\n - newline - Used as an end anchor (like $ in regular expressions)
\r - carriage return
\t - tab
\\ - backslash
\u#### - a Unicode character specified in hexadecimal

This feature is every good for us to load data into db. So I prefer to 
use hsqldb. 

Any comments, suggestions are apprecaited.


Jing Tao
National Center for Ecological
Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
735 State St. Suite 204
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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