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Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Jan 20 16:15:55 PST 2004


Could some of the GRASS preprocessing tools you wrote be adapted as 
actors in Kepler?  Could they be deployed as web services?  It would be 
really helpful to get some of the preprocessing tools available in that 
environment, so anything you could do to help chad get that worked out 
would be greatly appreciated.


Peter McCartney wrote:
> Geotools does not have much for raster processing to my kknowledge, only
> vector processing.
> We have decided to work with Grass here at asu because its open source,
> has a simple CL interface that can be wrapped and has most of the basic
> grid processing needs - resample, clip, reclass, etc. 
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> Hi Ricardo (and others),
> Now that I think that GARP is working from kepler, matt and I thought it
> would be a good idea to implement the tools necessary to go from raw 
> data to the input formats that are in the example data files.  We would 
> like to be able to implement a pipeline that goes from a digir (ecogrid)
> query to a garp prediction to rendered output.
> What I need from you (and maybe deana as well) is to know exactly what 
> this entails and if any of it is implemented in a way that I could 
> harness in kepler or if I need to implement it.  I believe this process 
> is what is grouped together under "Layer Integration" in the original 
> ppt garp pipeline that came out of BEAM. Could you possibly expand 
> "Layer Integration" so I know exactly what the steps are within that 
> process?  Are any of these processes implemented in GeoTools or GRASS?
> thanks,
> chad

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