[seek-dev] Kepler/Garp testcase needed

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Jan 20 15:17:06 PST 2004


I put a test digir ecogrid query and resultset document in 
seek/projects/ecogrid/tests/testfiles.  You should be able to run a 
Digir query against:
and get back results.  I'm not sure which mammal species in there have 
lat/lon values -- you'll need to find one that does.  Dave can probably 
help with that, or tell us an alternate resource that does have lat/lon 

Let me know if they are what you had in mind, and see my CVS log entries 
for some issues that I came across while doing this.  In particular, it 
appears a change to the resultset.xsd was made (myabe by Jing?) to add a 
"content" element that I think is superfluous, but we'll see by 
discussing it with Jing.  So my test resultset probably won't validate 
against the schema until this is resolved.


Rod Spears wrote:
> Can somebody put together an xml document containing the Ecogrid query 
> that represents the "digir" query that will be used inside of Kepler for 
> the Beam demo?
> I need a realistic tesctase to make sure I have the transform correct, 
> also if you could attach the what a result set would look like that 
> would be a big help also.
> Thanks,
> Rod
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