[seek-dev] get data from a remote place to Ecogrid client

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Fri Jan 16 15:02:15 PST 2004


Since we decided to call RFT (or grid-ftp) APIs within our Ecogrid service,
it has been clear that
such approach would make it very hard for other users to build a client
based solely on our WSDL
without knowing internal RFT calls.

I am not sure if we have such requirement in building our Ecogrid. Our
Ecogrid client and APIs should
be sufficient for Ecogrid users to query different data sources and ship
data among different nodes.


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Hi, Bing:

Yes, currently we depend on "GridFtpClient" (it is very samilar to
url_copy"). in server side only. This is the reseaon why I said we need
install grid-ftp server in client too.

If we dicide client will take part of file transfer too, we don't need
the requirement of installation of grid-ftp. But that will cause another
issue, the application should depend on client package to access ecogrid
services. If they build client from WSDL file directly, sometimes they
couldn't get file because our client package will take care of some
scenarios of file transfter(for example: server to client).

So we have to make decision:
1. "get" method in Ecogrid service handle all file tansfer, but we need
client install grid-ftp server(currently we do this way).

2. Client package handle part of file transfer scenario(made a dependency
to client package), but we don't need install grid-ftp server.

Do you have any suggestion and comment?


On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Bing Zhu wrote:

> Jing,
> I didn't realize that currently we depend on 'url_copy' in the server side
> only. In this case, we have to install grid-ftp server in client
> side.
> But there is a quick solution for this problem in current 'get'
> in which we allow client to call 'url_copy' too. So there are two
> in our 'get'.
> 1. dest_url=ecogrid://..., src_url=ecogrid://
>    This is a 3rd-party file transfer request from a client. The server
>    calls 'url_copy' to do the 3rd-party file transfer for client.
> 2. dest_url=file://...,src_url=ecogrid://...
>    The 'get' proxy (in server side) will talk to underneath system to
> translate 'src_url'
>    to actual hostname and physical file path along with filename and send
> them back to 'get'
>    client. Then the 'get' client calls 'url_copy' to get the file. In this
>    approach, there is no need to require grid-ftp server running in client
>    machine. But we have to ship the 'url_copy' in our client package.
> Bing
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