[seek-dev] Transfer huge data file in EcoGrid

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Fri Dec 17 11:12:36 PST 2004


It is not clear to me if we still require to install a grid-ftp server in
client side.
And also we need to have 'session ID' after we implemented authentication


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Hi, everyone:

It seems we haven't found a way to stream big data object from EcoGrid
service to client machine directly.

Here is a hybrid approach which i am thinking to figure out this issue by
use grid ftp.

Hybrid means this approach will need both client lib and web service. The
main task will be taken in client side and web service will provide some

In client lib, we will created a method named "transfer" and it signature
will be:

public void transfer(String host, int port, String docId, DataSink sink)

This method will initialize a GridFTPClient object(using host and port)
and call a "extenedGet" method to get the remote file:
extendedGet(String remoteFileName, long size, DataSink sink)

In order to get remoteFileName and file size, we need two web services in
String getFilePath(String docid)
long   getFileSize(String docid)

The above two web service method will be called in "transfer" method
before calling "extenedGet" in order to get remoteFileName and file size.

This approach is not a pure web service, client software(such as Kepler)
should stick the ecogrid client lib. In ecogrid service, we also need to
run a grid ftp server.

Any suggestion and comment will be appreciated.


Jing Tao
National Center for Ecological
Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
735 State St. Suite 204
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