[seek-dev] metacat 'put' implementation

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Mon Aug 30 12:17:07 PDT 2004

Hi Jing,

Since you implemented 'get' for Metacat, I think it will be more appropriate
to ask you the followings.

In 'get', it seems the service gets the filename from the document with the
following code.
    String filepath = MetaCatUtil.getOption("datafilepath");
             filepath += "/";
    String filename = filepath + docid;
And then the 'get' service read data from the file for user.

As Matt mentioned in previous mail, the 'put' should be implemented in
parallel. Therefore, the 'put'
for a file will be implemented as of followings.
     (The put function has syntax:  put(byte[] objData, String objectId, int
objType, int sessionId)  )

    1. open the document with doc ID, 'objectId'. if the doc doesn't exist,
return an error.
    2. compose filename  ---> what's your algorithm to build this
    3. Create a new file with filename from (2) and write data into the
    4. Save filename info into the metacat document for 'objectId'.

Let me know if my understanding is correct. Thanks.


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