[seek-dev] Report on SCB meeting

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Mon Aug 9 22:29:30 PDT 2004


Thanks for your meeting report.

I remember that at the eScience meeting, we also had talked about a
"conservation biology" workflow.

Maybe that's something to pick up as a domain science driver..


>>>>> "DS" == David Stockwell <davids at sdsc.edu> writes:
DS> Hi All,
DS> Just a short report on the Society for Conservation Biology at
DS> Columbia University in NYC I attended last week where I gave a talk in a 
DS> Symposia
DS> *What Do Species Distribution Models Add to Conversvation Biology*
DS> There was a lot of interest, given the small group four years ago when I 
DS> spoke, there
DS> was a large group of interested people which probably has to do with a 
DS> lot of high
DS> profile papers coming out in this area now. There were question about 
DS> the WhyWhere
DS> algorithm, particularly the capacity to download a cropped region for 
DS> almost 1000
DS> variables from a remote data store and use it in analysis, and the 
DS> algorithm and how
DS> it fit into the information infrastructure, and about overfitting and 
DS> how to control it.
DS> I think this could be a real growth area given more searching capability 
DS> and continuously increasing
DS> stores of data.
DS> I showed a slide of the various institutions in SEEK and talked a bit 
DS> about integration
DS> and the grid approach. In general I was struck by the growing 
DS> realization that this
DS> is relevant to conservation and could have something useful for them, 
DS> though at the
DS> moment is a very small part of overall concerns with reserve design, 
DS> population
DS> issues and habitat maintainence, based on personal survey data. There 
DS> has been an
DS> upsurge in satellite imagry available to them particularly in remote 
DS> places, and this
DS> would be good to get incorporated into the online data stores.
DS> The WhyWhere application is downloadable and I am working with a few people
DS> on studies. We have the SRB connection working well for downloading the
DS> cropped sections of data files, and need to fill it out with browsing 
DS> and searching
DS> capability, and more user flexibility in configuring exacly what 
DS> variables they want
DS> for their analysis.
DS> Cheers
DS> -- 
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