[seek-dev] Meeting at Edinburgh

Arcot Rajasekar sekar at sdsc.edu
Thu Apr 29 18:26:35 PDT 2004

This email is mainly for ecogridders but others can peak in :-)

Hi folks,
	We will be meeting in Edinburgh in a litle over a week.
There is a sessions earlier in the SEEK meeting where we will discuss
EcoGrid related issues. I think half-a-day is allocated for this.

What I want for this is some input from our EcoGridders about various

    what is remaining to be done in our previous plan
    plan to how to proceed beyond what we planned
    how to integrate with other parts of SEEK (SMS,AMS,Tax,...)

Please feel free to send ideas and details.
Each of us will be  giving a demo/talk about what we
were upto in the last six months  with respect to EcoGrid
please suggest a topic for your talk.

Also later in Escience workshop
we have more Gridding.
   Intro to EcoGrid   (Matta and Raja)
   EcoGrid Interfaces (Dave V)
   Ecogrid Subsystems (Rod,Jing,Bing, someone from Peter's group)

Following this we have eScince grid folks giving talks on their
grid projects and after that we have a rump session where we can exchange
idea about  how we can collaborate and what we can do together.

Please feel free to discuss these issues also.


To set the ball rolling I will talk about what I have been doing
which is related or relevant to SEEK:

   SRB/MCAT development that will provide more functionality
	that can be used by SEEK researchers.
        In particular the work on grid-federation which allows
	two autonomous grids (in current case both are SRB grids)
	to interact with each other will be of importance as we have
    	many autonomous systems who want to federate with us.
   Kepler/Ptolemy - did some experiments with SRB and Ptolemy
    	mainly with seeing how such things can be integrated.
	This can be useful in doing the EcoGrid tp Kepler interfacing
	which we will be discussing in detail in Edinburgh

   Real-time system  data system integartion with SRB. We probably at some
	time or other will have to deal with instrument data and
	this experience will be useful there.

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