[seek-dev] Ecogrid conference call this Thursday???

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Apr 22 10:42:27 PDT 2004

Hi Rod,

Jing, Chad and I can not participate next week because we are meeting to 
work on Kepler with some others.  What about the proposal Chad made 
earlier for the week following that, the earlier the better?  Please 
respond with all of the times you can make below:

May 3 10:30am PDT
May 4 10:30am PDT
May 5 10:30am PDT

or, if those don't work, April 30 10:30 am PDT (Chad can only do it in 
the morning)?


Rod Spears wrote:
> No meeting today. How about Tues April 27 at 10:30pst?
> Rod
> Bing Zhu wrote:
>>The meeting time is fine with me.
>>(I also noticed the messages regarding resultset on which we definitely need
>>a meeting to have discussions.)
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>>Dave and I were discussing resultsets along with Peter's message and
>>Chad's reply (on seek-dev).
>>We felt that we should try to have a conference call to discuss this a
>>little more indepth.
>>Does this thursday 4/22/04 at 10:30am Pacific Time work for everyone?
>>(Next week is bad for Dave)
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