[seek-dev] New Ecogrid Query Tool

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Fri Apr 16 10:23:34 PDT 2004

I have added a new/better tool for defining ecogrid queries a little 
more "graphically."

Keep in mind I found a bug in IE. Certain queries will work and some 
will not. For example, if I use the Metacat "canned" query it will not 
submit, but if remove one of the return fields it submits. I spent 
entirely too much time trying to figure out why this happens.

So if you can, use Netscape or Mozilla.

I have reworked the XSL tranform for the resultsets, it does a little 
better job than it was.


Rod Spears
Biodiversity Research Center
University of Kansas
1345 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
Tel: 785 864-4082, Fax: 785 864-5335

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