[seek-dev] [Bug 1039] - create and revise schema docs for ecogrid messages

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------- Additional Comments From jones at nceas.ucsb.edu  2003-09-26 13:39 -------
At the Seattle (Sept 2003) EcoGrid meeting we decided:

Revise query.xsd:
  -- add repeatable returnfield element for specifying structure of return records
Revise resultset.xsd:
  -- add system, namespace, modificationDate, and creationDate to each record
  -- identifiers for a record are considered relative URIs, with a base value
     of the "system" attribute for that metadata, where the system should 
     contain the GSH for an ecogrid enabled server:
     so, for example, system="ecogrid://ecogrid.nceas.ucsb.edu"
  -- modify the record internal structure by creating a composite document 
     that contains all of the values specified in returnfield elements with
     their parent elements. If the path does not reference a leaf node 
     text element, then all of the children of that node are returned.   
     For example, if the query had:
       returnfield="/eml/dataset/title" and returnfield="/eml/dataset/creator"
     The record would look like:

       <record ...>
                   <title>Some random title</title>

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