[seek-dev] Re: GLOBUS and EcoGrid Query wsdl

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Sep 12 12:50:57 PDT 2003


I looked at the GWSDL doc. I don't think you should use AnyRecordType as 
the repsonse, but instead you should use "resultsetType" from query.xsd. 
  Is there a reason you did it that way?

Why did you need to generate a new GWSDL document, rather than just 
modifying Dave's queryInterface4.wsdl? Also, why are you developing a 
Metacat-specific port type?  It seems to me that the GWSDL shouldn;t 
have any mention of metacat in it at all.  For example, your 
MetacatPortType definition should really be an "EcoGridPortType", right? 
  And the operations should be those defined in Dave's WSDL document, 

Thanks in advance for the clarifications,


Jing Tao wrote:
> Hi, everyone:
> I a working on generating a grid service from wsdl. It is harder than from 
> java interface to service. The prototype is kind 
> of working. I have some issues and experience would like to be shared.
> 1). It seems globus can generate grid service directly from GWSDL which is 
> a extention of WSDL. The difference between them is GWSDL allow portype 
> inheritance. They said GWSDL is a temporary solution, when WSDL 1.2 
> (it allow portytype inheritance too) stable, GWSDL will be given up. I 
> attached a GWDSL file in this email. You may note there some elements 
> defined in types and those elements are used in message. If I didn't do 
> that, it will give me error.
> 2). I didn't figure out how to using http binding for get method. The 
> tools they provide always give me soap binding result. Do you guys have 
> any idea?
> 3). Because we use querytype and anyrecordtype as the input and output of 
> query method. Globus creates lot of stubs java class for the types base on 
> their schema. So we need to figure out how to transfer query xml and 
> reponse xml to those java objects in grid imple class and client class.
> Any suggestiongs and comments?
> Thanks.
> Jing
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <definitions name ="MetacatService" xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/" 
>              xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" 
>              xmlns:y="http://ecoinformatics.org/ecogrid-metacat-1.0.0alpha1" 
>              xmlns:ogsi="http://www.gridforum.org/namespaces/2003/03/OGSI"
>              xmlns:gwsdl="http://www.gridforum.org/namespaces/2003/03/gridWSDLExtensions"
>              xmlns:ns="ecogrid://ecoinformatics.org/ecogrid-query-1.0.0alpha1" 
>              xmlns:ns1="ecogrid://ecoinformatics.org/ecogrid-resultset-1.0.0alpha1" 
>              targetNamespace="http://ecoinformatics.org/ecogrid-metacat-1.0.0alpha1">
> 	<import namespace="ecogrid://ecoinformatics.org/ecogrid-query-1.0.0alpha1" location="./query.xsd"/>
> 	<import namespace="ecogrid://ecoinformatics.org/ecogrid-resultset-1.0.0alpha1" location="./resultset.xsd"/>
>   <import namespace="http://www.gridforum.org/namespaces/2003/03/OGSI" location="../../ogsi/ogsi.gwsdl"/>
>   <types>
> 	<xsd:schema targetNamespace="http://ecoinformatics.org/ecogrid-metacat-1.0.0alpha1"
>         attributeFormDefault="qualified"
>         elementFormDefault="qualified"
> 	      xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
>         <xsd:element name="query">
>            <xsd:complexType>
>             <xsd:sequence>
>                <xsd:element name="query" type="ns:QueryType"/>
>             </xsd:sequence> 
>            </xsd:complexType>
>         </xsd:element>
>         <xsd:element name="queryResponse">
>           <xsd:complexType>
>             <xsd:sequence>
>               <xsd:element name="records" type="ns1:AnyRecordType"/>
>             </xsd:sequence> 
>           </xsd:complexType>
>       </xsd:element>
>      </xsd:schema>
> 	</types>
> 	<message name="queryRequest">
> 		<part name="parameters" element="y:query"/>
> 	</message>
> 	<message name="queryResponse">
> 		<part name="parameters" element="y:queryResponse"/>
> 	</message>
> 	<gwsdl:portType name="MetacatPortType" extends="ogsi:GridService">
> 		<operation name="query">
> 			<input message="y:queryRequest"/>
> 			<output message="y:queryResponse"/>
>       <fault name="Fault" message="ogsi:FaultMessage"/>
> 		</operation>
> 	</gwsdl:portType>
> </definitions>

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