[seek-dev] FW: implementation of Query and Get

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Wed Sep 10 13:42:35 PDT 2003


Dave's QueryInterface4 looks good to me. If all of us agree with this
simplified version
for Query and Get, we can start to develop an OGSA service as I described in
my previous
mail (see below).

I am currently writing Java code, XMLQueryDocSRBParser.java, which reads our
XML query document into an Apache xerces DOM object and then decode the
DOM object into SRB query(s).


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Hi, Bing:

I think the basic idea is right. But I didn't think in step 4 we need save
the search result in cache in current stage( Maybe we will do it in
future) and I thought the search result will be returned to the user
direclty. In step 5, I don't think Get action is used to get search
result, I think it is kind of "read" action and you can get a specific
document or file by it.

Any comments?



On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Bing Zhu wrote:

> Jing,
> I guess the way we are going to implement our Query and Get will
> be of followings.
> 1. A user submit a query to our query service (OGSA-based).
> 2. our query service will pass the query to Metacat and SRB. (Currently we
> just
>    consider the Metacat and SRB only.)
>       - Metacat has already had code for XML query doc, so it should be
>       - SRB: Bing has to develop some Java code which translates the XML
> query
>              doc into a query in SRB query format.
> 3. XSLT:
>       - Metacat needs a XSLT to translate Metacat's search result into a
> document
>         in EcoGrid's result format.
>       - SRB needs a XSLT to translate SRB's search result into a XML
> document in
>         EcoGrid's result format.
> 4. The combined search results will be saved in a cache area in server.
> 5. A user get search results via Get service.
> Let me know your comment. Thanks.
> Bing

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