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Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Thu Nov 20 12:48:33 PST 2003


Dave and Yang are considering moving their existing web apps developed in
Perl to OGSA services.
As to my knowledge, OGSA provide tools to build OGSA services in Java, C,
etc. But I am not sure
if it is possible currently to build OGSA services in Perl.

Matt's message reminded me that your team had  been using Perl to develop
GridPort software. If your team has adopted or are working on OGSA
this will be a good news for Dave and Yang.


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Hi Bing,

The perl Cog was written to interact with older implementations of
Globus (versions 2.x). We looked into writing modules to interact
with GT3, but found some limitations to perl that would not allow
this easily. However, Perl can interact with some of the web services
that OGSA produces, as long as you stay away from GSI authentication
and some of the other higher-level features.


On Nov 20, 2003, at 12:19 PM, Bing Zhu wrote:

> Steve,
> Is the Perl Cog mentioned in https://gridport.npaci.edu/cog/
> an OGSA implementation written in Perl for GridPort apps?
> Thanks.
> Bing
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> ecogrid
> Yang,
> There is support for perl and many other languages.  Here's the
> relevant
> perl link, which, ironically, is developed and maintained at SDSC :)
> https://gridport.npaci.edu/cog/
> Matt
> Yang Yu wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   In the Santa Barbara meeting we have decided that we should
>> incorporate
>> the web map modeling service in SDSC into the ecogrid. We are writing
>> the
>> WSDL for the service and modifying it to be SOAP-compatible. We have
>> talked to Bing about OGSA and GT3. However, it seems that GT3 have no
>> support for perl, which is the programming language we use.
>>   So, here is the question, if we have a SOAP-compatible web service
>> and a
>> WSDL, what should we do to make it a part of the Ecogrid? If we can't
>> use
>> GT3, what other tool kits should we use?
>> Yang
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