[seek-dev] "get" operation of EcoGrid

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Tue Nov 18 16:30:36 PST 2003


For the implementation for the GET, I just wonder if it will be easier to
a class first and then create WSDL from the class(es).

I recall that in the meeting at SB, there is a request for a documentation
for build.xml file.
Besides the document, I think we also need to have a guideline for creating
Ecogrid services
based on your experience, which will be beneficial to others. (e.g. David
and Yang
will move their approach to Ecogrid.) Thanks.


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Hi, Bing:

It is not implemented yet. This is just gwsdl for discussion. But I did
some check-in for stub files.


On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, Bing Zhu wrote:

> Jing,
> Is is great that you have it implemented so fast.
> One question is if it is still an implementation for Metacat only?
> I am working on the code to translate the SRB logical filename to
> physical host name and path. The best way is that I can integrate
> it into the Ecogrid GET you implemented.
> Bing
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> Hi, everyone:
> I just checked in the new version of EcogridSoap.gwsdl(I think the name
> should be changed soon) file. In this version, the new operation of "get"
> is added. Basically, the get method will have three parameters -
> sourceURL, destinationURL, and identifier. Method "get" will transfer the
> object (such as file) with the identifier from source to destination. The
> return value of "get" is a integer. It is requestId which can keep track
> of tranfer ( I borrow it from RFT in globus). But I think the the
> integer is the result of transfer will be better.
> Any comments, suggestions are appreciated.
> Thanks.
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