[seek-dev] Re: implementing garp in ptolemy

Dave Vieglais vieglais at ku.edu
Tue Nov 11 12:15:49 PST 2003

Chad Berkley wrote:

> Hey Dave,
> Thanks for the comments.  We are planning to create a grid service actor 
> for ptolemy.  Is there currently a service (or a plan to create a 
> service) that runs GARP processes?  If there is, I agree that we should 
> just use the grid service and focus on getting a grid service actor 
> working in ptolemy.

There are no formal plans that I am aware of for implementing a garp 
service with an OGSI interface.  Ricardo?

> I'm not sure what you mean about the "state of the garp algorithm while 
> operating in such an environment".  could you clarify?

It's probably not that big of a deal- I was thinking of just taking the 
SWIG'd python interface and using that within ptolemy- but that would 
probably not be an adequate solution since you would either need to add 
a bunch of parameters (or a couple of classes containing the parameters) 
to the method calls to ensure that the state of the algorithm is 
preserved between calls.  It may be as simple as setting the necessary 
parameters before calling a particular method.  For example, I've 
attached a simple test script that does a garp prediction using the 
python interface.  Breaking this into chunks (presample, initialize, 
iterate, then various extractions) that can operate independently 
requires that the state of oGarp is recreated before calling the method 
in question.

Just wrapping the whole thing as a method would of course make things a 
whole bunch easier - then the only parameters needed to call it would be 
the names of various input and output files.

Dave V.
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