[seek-dev] ecogrid conference call notes

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Jun 16 12:19:14 PDT 2003

Hi everyone,

EcoGrid conference call today had the following participants:
jones, rajasekar, zhu, tao, vieglais, mccartney, schoeninger, higgins, yu

Important items to note:

1) Scheduled an ecogrid meeting for Seattle, September 23-24, 2003,
    not including travel time.  Pls notify me of conflicts asap, as
    I will start making arrangements soon

2) Agreed to go back to the initial query schemata developed in the last 
Ecogrid meeting in Seattle.  Decided, again, that XQuery is a good 
long-term goal, but implementation issues would certainly cause 
substantial delay for a variety of our target systems.  It also has a 
rich enough feature set to potentially limit participation in EcoGrid 
overall, and so needs to be considered carefully.
    -- matt to review, docuemnt, revise query.xsd and resultset.xsd
       (bug 1039)
    -- all (but esp Bing and Jing) to review and comment on those
       schema docs (bug 1039)

3) Matt and Jing to continue work on registry (bug 1040, 1061)

4) Bing to install and evaluate OSGA DAI (bug 1062)

5) WSDL interfaces reviewed by Dave seem good, but agreed we need some
    more basic interfacces and a mechanism for querying which interfaces
    a given node supports (as part of registry).  The levels of the
    interfaces might include:
      a) query with filter and return resultset
      b) query with filter and formatspec and return resultset in
         that format
      c) query with filter and recird limit and return n records
      d) query with filter and return RSID
    a is required.  b,c,d forms are all optional?
    -- dave to revise WSDL specs to support this new refactoring. may
       need to have separatewsdl docs that can be registered with the
       ecogrid registry (bug 1041)
    -- all (esp Bing and Jing) to review and comment on WSDL (bug 1058)

5) Once WSDL and query schemas are complete, still need to do 
implementation work for xanthoria, metacat, srb, digir (bugs 1042, 1043, 
1044, 1045)

That's about it that I took from the meeting.  Thanks for your time 
today.  Please follow up with any additions or errors -- thanks.


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