[seek-dev] Re: Monday telecon

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Jun 16 08:12:19 PDT 2003

Raja and others,

I am busily (and tardily) setting up this conference call.  Could you 
send me the phone numbers at which you will be located for the call?  It 
would be best if we minimize the number of lines in use by having people 
at the same place join on a speaker phone.  Thanks.  I need confirmation 
of the numbers for the following people:

Raja and Bing    (858) 534-8191
Jing and Dan     (805) 892-2509
Peter            (480) 965-6791
Dave             (785) 766 9897
Matt             (907) 789-0496



Arcot Rajasekar wrote:
> Hi Matt
> 	Yes. I would like to do it at 10AM instead of 9AM (all times
> Pacific).  Hope it is not inconvenient to anyone.
> 	thanks
> 	raja
> On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Matt Jones wrote:
>>Hi Raja,
>>Yes we are still on for the EcoGrid conference call.  I have not set it
>>up, so we could move it if other people are ok withthe schedule change.
>>  I will cc seek-dev and see what people (Jing, Dan, Dave, Bing, Matt,
>>Raja, Peter) think about the schedule change.  Please respond to me by
>>noon PDT tomorrow if you can not accomodate that change in time.
>>Thanks.  I'll compile the responses and schedule the call tomorrow
>>Arcot Rajasekar wrote:
>>>Hi Matt
>>>	are we still on for that? Can we make it at 10AM instead of 9AM.
>>>Have you set it up already?
>>>	thanks
>>>		raja

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