[seek-dev] implement XQuery in EcoGrid and SRB

Dave Vieglais vieglais at ku.edu
Wed Jun 11 11:29:20 PDT 2003

David Stockwell wrote:

> Matt, others.
> I'd like to bring OGC into the discussion. Would not the XML output of a 
> GetCapabilities call
> in an OGC WMS be another metadata standard to incorporate?
> For interest Yang has implemented Dave's WMS client  at 
> http://landscape.sdsc.edu/~yyu/index.html
> on a couple of test layers.  mgv0001 is coarse 0.167deg (~2MB) and 
> hydro_dem is medium 0.01 deg (~2G)
> for speed comparisons.
> Now, do we need to install and input data into SRB to get the metadata 
> functions?
> It would be easier if the ecogrid infrastructure could just use the 
> results of the GetCapabilities call.
> Also, other OGC: WMS sites could be registered in the ecogrid.
> Cheers

OGC WMS is a type of service, and hence an instance would likely be 
registered in the ecogrid registry as a "WMS service" as opposed to an 
"Ecogrid Query Service".  The capabilities document in this case could 
not be searched with the ecogrid query service since it does not expose 
the query API.

In order to search the OGC capabilities with the current view of the 
ecogrid query service design, it would be necessary to implement the 
ecogrid query API as part of the OGC WMS service instance. 
Alternatively, a metadata store such as morpho or srb could be used to 
provide eml descriptions of the wms service (probably derived directly 
from the output of getCapabilites).

There was some attempt a while back to get OGC service providers to 
register their instances with UDDI, but for political reasons I think, 
this did not eventuate (at least not with the public uddi registries). 
Seems odd to me that it didn't fly, since it would be great to be able 
to query a registry for a list of mapping services and build dynamic 
maps on the fly.  I suspect there may have been some contention with the 
spatial data clearinghouse folks, but that's just a guess.

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