[seek-dev] Re: notes on eml (Your comments and suggestions will be greatly a ppreciated!)

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Feb 10 14:05:46 PST 2003

Looking over Peter's comments, it seems we were essentially in 100% 
agreement about the areas where more work is needed in EML, and the 
areas where there was some confusion about what EML actually provides. 
I'm looking forward to the continuation of this discussion, and thinking 
about the impact that Jenny's analysis might have on out plans for SEEK. 
  Can we do it on the seek-dev at ecoinformatics.org mailing list?  That 
way, it might get some of the other interested seek contributors 
involved, and might extend our thinking to include the taxonomy and 
collections information that we're targeting as well.  If you're not 
subscribed to seek-dev, you can do so at the following web site:


Peter McCartney wrote:
> Hi Jenny. Ive atached a copy of your file with comments interlaced. I 
> just saw that Matt also responed, so im assuming he has convered areas 
> ive missed. I did want to askif you were looking at the latests eml 
> 2.0.0 - some of you comments made me wonder if you just had an outdated 
> copy. I hope these help. Aspart of our collaboration with sdsc on the 
> modeling itr for phoenix, im hoping to implement some of the challenges 
> you point out using eml and web services. We should definitely talk more 
> with Tony so we can get some interesting projects line up.
> Peter McCartney (peter.mccartney at asu.edu)
> Center for Environmental-Studies
> Arizona State University
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> From: Jenny Wang [mailto:jwang at sdsc.edu]
> Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 11:58 AM
> To: jones at nceas.ucsb.edu; Peter McCartney
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> Subject: notes on eml (Your comments and suggestions will be greatly 
> appreciated!)
> Hi, Matt and Peter,
> How are you? Hope everything is going well with you!
> The attached is my notes on eml with data integration. Prof.Goguen, 
> Bertram, Tony and me are trying to make use of EML for ecological 
> applications involving data and model integration in SEEK project 
> context. I did not mention any good appects of EML in the notes, 
> actually only those apsects needed to be extended and further effort 
> needed to make EML useful for applications from my point of view. Peter 
> already got it from Tony at LTER meeting last week. Some may be wrong, 
> or you don't agree with some of it. Your insights on making EML good for 
> data integration, and your comments and suggestions on my notes are very 
> valuable and will be greatly appreciated!
> We are thinking that we may take a
> small parts of EML, like attribute part, distribution part, extending 
> them and demonstrating their use with a case application (eg. 
> integrating land cover indices with climate variables, using the same 
> data as those used in the "Integrated Features" part of Spatial Data 
> Workbench, but taking a different approach, you can reach SDW at 
> http://sdw.sdsc.edu). But your input will be extremely important to 
> this, and any EML related effort in the future.
> Many many thanks to your time and help! Looking forward to hearing from 
> you two,
> Jenny

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