[seek-dev] Re: Something to consider....

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Dec 18 09:52:25 PST 2003

Yeah, I agree.  If you're struggling with the gt3 install, maybe its 
better to point your client at an already installed version like 
dev.nceas.ucsb.edu.  You can even develop there if you need a gt3 
install in which to run a DIGIR version of the interfaces.


Jing Tao wrote:
> Hi, Rod:
> I am not sure just unzip gt3 and tomcat direcotries in your machine will 
> work or not. But at least metacat will have some problems. For example db 
> name, user name ...
> Probably you may try dev. I already setup ecogrid service there and you 
> can run your client code in your local machine(just edit the server host 
> name to dev.nceas.ucsb.edu:8080). In order to do that, probably you 
> also need to create .globus directory in your home dir in 
> dev.nceas.ucsb.edu and copy the certificate file to there. (I already add 
> your name in the grid-map file).
> Jing
> On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Rod Spears wrote:
>>Would it make sense for jing to zip up his gt3 and tomcat directories (installs) and put them
>>somewhere I could get them?
>>I guess what I am really asking is whether we think it would work to simply unzip those
>>directories on my machine?
>>Also, if the above cannot work, maybe I should just install RedHat 7.3 (or whatever version of RD
>>jing has) and then ship him my machine and have him install globus and tomcat and verify that it
>>I am really at a point where we need to do something different in order for me to be productive
>>at the actual tasks I am suppose to working on.
>>(I really do not want to spend a couple of more months just getting globus to work on my
>>Let me know your thoughts,
>>Rod Spears
>>Biodiversity Research Center
>>University of Kansas
>>1345 Jayhawk Boulevard
>>Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
>>Tel: 785 864-4082, Fax: 785 864-5335

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